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Glyfa Fthiotida
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Five minutes away from Glifa is the beautiful Beach of Vathikilos.

Ten minutes away is the site Fanos, where you can visit the Cemetery of two earthen tumuli of the Middle Helladic (2000 - 1600 B.C.) - Late Helladic (1600 - 1100 B.C.) period supported in their circumference by a stone socle covered burials in pits and cist graves covered by slabs. The group is unique in Fthiotis and marks the road the burial habit for using tumuli entered Thessaly via South Greece during the Late Helladic period.

Clandestine digging was the motive for excavations in 1986. The Classical cemetery comprising 80 tombs was excavated and buried in 1990. Two Mycenaean tumuli nearby are visible. A part of them is being excavated.

Cists tombs have been restored and the tumuli have been cleaned.

Kastro. The ruins of a 4th century BC fortification wall are identified with the ancient city of Andron. The caves on the northeast slopes of the hill are associated to the cult of the goddess Demeter.

For the lovers of religious tourism Glifa is filled with real surprises. Twenty minutes away is the convent of Panagia Ksenia that is a real ornament for the area. Furthermore, we suggest a visit to the monastery of Osios David in Evia.

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